How we came to be

American Agencies Co., Inc. was founded in 1956 by Eng. Jorge A. Rivera Cardona, a hard-working man with a dream. With endurance and determination, his dream came true.
As a new company we represented U.S. Continental Manufacturers, besides building and selling our products in Puerto Rico. In 1965 our company decided to build it’s own structural steel fabrication division New Steel Inc. as a way of improving the quality of our products and service.


A High Quality Product

After all, quality is what makes us different from the rest. It shows commitment to what we do and what we offer; it is being determined to provide our customers with the best product and service; it means satisfaction guaranteed. No wonder they keep coming back…

Our team consists of over 150 hard working minds including engineers, draftsmen, designers, and a crew of workers specializing in structural steel fabrication and installation. We’re looking forward to fulfill your needs and help in building your future.